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Intensive visual analytics tool to visualize high dimensional data points

  • Student Name: Garima Jindal
  • Course: PhD in Computer Science and Engineering

"My current research project is to build an intensive visual analytics tool to visualize and to demonstrate how high dimensional data points belonging to different clusters might be related based on proximity in different subspaces. Our tool would be able to perform large and complicated analytical tasks by representing high dimensional and complex datasets as graphs. It will integrate Subspace Proximity Relationship Graphs (SPRG) that derives proximity of subset of points across different subset of subspaces. SPRG exploration will help users to comprehend the spatial closeness of high dimensional data set using an interactive and visual environment. The navigation among subset of points in the graphs through different dimensions will derive and construct meaningful semantics. It will also have the ability to generate automatic documentation which summarises the subspace proximity graph and helps to uncover hidden semantics of underlying data that can be thought of as knowledge about relations among different data points."